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How many times can you take the ACT?

You can take the test up to 12 times.

At what age should students take the ACT?

Sophomores should take the exam at least once; juniors and seniors should take it as many times as they can stomach.

What should parents do to help their student?

If your student is not an avid reader today, do everything you can to encourage him/her to read every day - especially in the weeks leading up to the ACT. If a non-reader will commit to reading one chapter each day of a popular novel, I can almost guarantee a score increase.

Is there a college prep program you recommend?

"The Program" is a preparatory course that guides parents and students on exactly what to do and when to do it. It was started by a local Oklahoma parent, Deanna Akin, who simply wanted to grow her own knowledge of the college admissions process. Over the past several years, Deanna has developed her expertise into one of the most robust college prep programs around.

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