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Have you been approved by The FDA to perform stem cell transplants?

The FDA has not approved any clinics or procedures to date for performing stem cells transplants. The FDA has approved our isolation modality as minimally invasive and to date, we believe we are the only stem cell company with such approval.

If stem cells are nationally and internationally regulated, why are other groups sending their patients to Mexico for infusions instead of doing the entire procedure in the United States?

We perform endogenous stem cell harvesting, isolation, and treatments in the USA under IRB oversight.

Has the company name stayed the same since the company has been in operation?

Dragonfly Foundation for Research and Development was founded in the State of Ohio in 1975. And it is the entity that holds the IP (intellectual property) for the endogenous stem cells that we use.

Do you have any scientific publications by their physicians/staff to back up their claims?

Henry E. Young Ph.D. has 69 publications with respect to various aspects of stem cells and their respective extracellular matrices. My earliest papers were published in 1977 (40 years ago.)
Mark O. Speight MD has 3 publications with respect to various aspects of stem cells.

What cell types will your isolate stem cells form?

Mesodermal stem cells will form at least 39 distinct somatic cell and tissue types.
Pluripotent stem cells will form at least 63 distinct somatic cell and tissue types.
Totipotent stem cells will form at least 65 distinct somatic cell and tissue types, as well as spermatogonia, for a total of at least 66 distinct cell types.

From what tissue are you isolating the stem cells?

While we have shown that we can isolate our stem cells from at least 37 different tissues and organs, including adipose tissue and bone marrow, we isolate our stem cells from the blood. However, to do this we have the patient ingest a dietary supplement that causes the connective tissue-resident stem cells to proliferate, then a second dietary supplement to cause the proliferated stem cells to move into the bloodstream. Then this stem cell-enriched blood is harvested for the extraction of the stem cells.

Which stem cells are you isolating?

We are isolating (autologous and allogeneic) endogenous totipotent stem cells, pluripotent stem cells, and mesodermal stem cells for our treatment paradigms.

In the case where a donor is required, how do you choose allogeneic donors?

We look for gender-match (inclusion criteria) and ABO blood group match or O-negative universal donors (inclusion criteria). We then screen the donors for infectious diseases (exclusion criteria) and genetic mutations (exclusion criteria). Eventually, we will also be assessing personality and mental acuity to match with the requests of the recipient.

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