Maverick X RS SAS

Is it dangerous to block perspiration?

Yes and no . In order not to interfere with the essential functions linked to the phenomenon of sweating, it is recommended not to block more than 10% of the sweat glands.
The Etiaxil treatment is used locally, on surfaces well below this limit. So, for example, the sweat glands in the armpits make up only 1% of the total sweat glands .

With Etiaxil, are the sweat glands damaged?

No. They are just "at rest" . After stopping the product for more than a week, they regain their natural functioning. The final discontinuation of the product therefore leads to the end of the action of Etiaxil. If excessive sweating problems reappear, Etiaxil Etiaxil treatment should be restarted from the start.

Why do Etiaxil depressants contain alcohol?

The détranspirants Etiaxil Sensitive and Normal Skin are formulated in alcoholic solution. This is because aluminum chloride hexahydrate is an unstable compound which reacts with water. It is therefore important that there is no water in these formulas so that the reaction occurs only on contact with the aqueous cells present in the skin . It is this reaction that gradually blocks the sweat duct and puts the sweat gland at rest.

The Comfort + cleanser is the only alcohol-free cleanser, because Etiaxil's expertise has made it possible to find the right balance so that the aluminum chloride used remains stable in aqueous solution while maintaining a good level of efficiency. This is the first level of treatment in the antiperspirant range and makes it possible to stop sweating for 2 to 3 days.